How we work

At Golden Gate we are consistent in how we deal with clients. To ensure we deal with enquiries thoroughly and that clients obtain the maximum benefit from our relationship we follow the following procedures.

Step 1 – Initial consultation

On receiving an enquiry we will arrange a preliminary meeting. The initial face to face consultation of up to forty minutes in length places you under no obligation and gives you the opportunity to find out how we can help you make more of your money before making a decision. We will fully explain our service and our payment options. The initial consultation is free of charge and without obligation, as the cost is met by Golden Gate.

Step 2 – Information Gathering

After the initial consultation, we will write to confirm your payment options and ask you to sign and return our Client Agreements should you wish to proceed. On receipt of our signed Client Agreement we will contact you to arrange a second meeting.

At the second meeting, we will gather your personal information, obtain details of any existing arrangements that you have in place and discuss with you your aims and objectives. We listen carefully and record your aims and objectives both immediate and long term. If investment is likely to be part of your future plans we would wish to have a detailed discussion about your understanding of risk.

This enables us to make appropriate recommendations, which will be presented to you in a full written report.

Step 3 – Research

Having identified your aims and objectives and prioritised these, we would then develop strategies to help you achieve them. We analyse existing contracts to ensure they are competitive and dovetail into proposed arrangements.

The research stage is vitally important and we are careful to record this. Our evidence of research would be made available to you.

Step 4 – Presentation

Recommendations will always be in writing. We would wish to present these to you personally and we pride ourselves in our ability to communicate in a jargon free way.

Step 5 – Implementation

Should you proceed with our recommendations we would wish to deal with all aspects of implementation.

Step 6 – Ongoing Reviews

A financial plan is of limited benefit unless it is reviewed regularly. The provision and frequency of valuations and review meetings will be agreed at the outset. When review meetings take place, objectives will be reviewed and if there are changes, for example a planned retirement the process starts again.

If we also receive commission from the product provider when you buy a product, we will pass on the full value of that commission to you in one or more ways. For example, we could reduce our fee; or reduce your product charges; or increase your investment amount; or refund the commission to you.

We are very transparent with the advice and product fees always shown separately.

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